Congress secretariat:


The FECAVA2018 Eurocongress will be held at the Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel) and the adjacent Energy Discovery Centre.

The Creative Hub is a creative centre and a place for cultural events in the heart of Tallinn. Its doors are open to all visitors, and it is the venue for various workshops, seminars, conferences, festivals, exhibitions and much more. It is situated near the city centre and it houses 5 conference rooms and 2 foyers on 3 levels. The main congress sessions will be held in the Creative Hub.

In the Energy Discovery Centre workshops, workgroup meetings and the session for nurses will be held. Posters are also exhibited here.

There will be a tent between the buildings, so it will be comfortable to move between them.

More information about the Creative Hub is available at: Address: Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn 10415, Estonia.

More information about the Energy Discovery Centre can be found at: Address: Põhja pst 29, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia.

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