About the Social Programme

Here you can find information about the social activities we are planning to hold during the congress. The social programme of FECAVA2018 includes both official and leisure activities.

13 June, 2018 Daytrip to the Western Coast & Haapsalu town at 10:00
13 June, 2018 Pre-congress gathering in Olde Hansa restaurant at 19:00
13 June, 2018 Lecturers' dinner in Olde Hansa restaurant at 19:00
14 June, 2018 Welcome reception in the Creative Hub at 19:15
14 June 2018 Walking tour in Tallinn (after the reception) at 21:30
15 June, 2018 Joint singing on the steps of Tallinn City Hall at 08:30
15 June, 2018 Daytrip to Coastal Cliffs & Paldiski at 10:00
15 June, 2018 Gala Dinner at the Seaplane Harbour at 20:00
15 June, 2018 Fair of local goods at the congress venue from 10:00 to 17:00
16 June, 2018 Daytrip to Narva & the Eastern Block at 10:00


* Gathering point for all of the excursions - in front of the Congress venue (The Creative Hub)!

Gala dinner

Gala dinner will take place in the Seaplane Harbour on 15 June from 8 pm to 12 pm.

Gala dinner is for preregistered participants. Some tickets to the gala dinner can be purchaced from the congress secretariat on June 14 and on June 15th until noon. Ticket: 60 €.

There will be bus transport organised to the Seaplane Harbour and back.


  • Folk dance by Kuljus
  • Live music by Swingers
  • Disco

About the dinner

Restaurant Olde Hansa is an authentic medieval experience in the very heart of Tallinn old town. City Tour will end there, so everyone interested can stay for dinner and enjoy the luxurious menu.

During medieval times feast were the common way to celebrate special occasions. Inspired from it, Olde Hansa serves a number of different feasts. A feast is a true and plentiful medieval meal where all dishes that are written down are carried to the table, so that all guests will have more than enough. Everyone can eat what one prefers, and when a dish runs out, more is always brought. Additionally all medieval traditions are held that accompany the feasts, giving a chance to experience it all with your tongue, eyes and ears. Feasts last about 2 hours. 

The feast includes a hearty meal with many different dishes and 1 drink on choice.



Performance on 15 June at 08.30 ( int the morning!) on the steps of the Tallinn City Hall (situated just 100 meters from
the congress venue!)

Sing along!

Why do we sing? Because Estonians are the singing nation! The Estonian Song Festival (in
Estonian: ”laulupidu”) is one of the largest amateur choir events in the world, a Masterpiece of
the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is held every five years in July on the Tallinn Song
Festival Grounds (Lauluväljak) simultaneously with the Estonian Dance Festival. The joint choir
comprises more than 30,000 singers performing to an audience of 80,000. The tradition of the
song festival was born along with the Estonian national awakening. The first national song festival
was held in Tartu in the summer of 1869. The Estonian Song Festival was added to the UNESCO
world heritage list in 2003.
In 2019, the XXVII Estonian Song Festival will be held. Come back to Estonia next year to be a
part of it!

We would like to introduce Estonia’s choir singing tradition and also to remind you that with
regard to your pets, microchip implants and registration are important. Every animal needs to
have a home and every animal needs to be trackable. Who else than vets should remind this to
pet owners! Everybody – together!