About the project

The FECAVA Eurocongress is an annual event for European small animal veterinarians, its main goal is to provide veterinarians with training courses and a scientific programme. Additionally, the annual congress features the meeting of the representatives of the organisation, work group meetings and other events. The number of participants of the congress varies each year. We are expecting approximately a thousand delegates from nearby countries, but also from elsewhere in Europe.

The aim of the project is to hold the largest event in 2018 in Northern and Eastern Europe consisting of refresher training and scientific sections that would offer veterinarians and their assistants from Estonia and neighbouring countries the opportunity to update their knowledge and get practical training. Simultaneously, the congress will introduce Tallinn, Estonia and our region to the 900-1,000 foreign guests from a narrower speciality-specific perspective as well as more generally. The congress contains a tourist programme, in the range of which we will show the sights and vacation opportunities of Tallinn, its immediate surroundings and other regions of Estonia as well.

The congress takes place 14-16 June, 2018, at the Creative Hub in Tallinn.

Estonian Small Animal Veterinary Association is funded with 29,925.00 EUR by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) from the European Regional Development Fund to organise FECAVA2018. The aim is to present Estonia as the destination for international conferences and congresses.